The countless variations in yarn fibres continue to make new and more rigorous demands on yarn tension control. IRO XD X3 provides unique solutions to the demands of specialised applications. Decades of experience in yarn feeding technology with a range of specialised yarns now culminates into the IRO XD X3 – simply the best choice for your specialised application.

Customised solutions for unique applications – the choice is yours.

Two models available:

  • Standard permanent magnet motor
  • Plus version with high powered motor for demanding applicaitons

Then choose properties based on your demands

S/Z Switch
Used to set the directions of rotation, or to activate the standby mode.
Pneumatic treading
"Easy access" push-button system for fast "one-step treading" (through the entire feeder), or "half-treading" (from the input eyelet to the spool body).
Permanent magnet motor
A powerful maintenance-free "permanent megnet motor" ensures low energy consumption, low operating temerature and high torque att all speeds..
Spool body
The specially designed high quality surface treated spool body gently handles a wide range of yarns and offers the lowest yarn take-off tension and minimized dust collection.
Separation setting
Stepless yarn separation adjustment - without the need for any tools.
Quick release
Releases the brushring holder in one single turn for easy handling if a yarn break occurs, or for quick and easy braking element replacement.
Easy balloon adjustment
Adjustable knob for easy and precise brushring adjustment - even when the feeder is running.
Sensor system
Mechanical or optical sensor systems (including an integrated yarn break sensor), ensures precise yarn reserve control.

 Optional download link: Sales brochure in English

 Optional download link: Sales brochure in English

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