The Super Elf S3 continues the evolution of ROJ weft feeders for air and water-jet looms.

With the inclusion of the latest optical sensor technology, based on the principle of “signal reflection”, extremely accurate sensing of the yarn can be achieved – even in the most difficult working environments.

The Super Elf S3 can be installed on any type of air or water-jet loom equipped with CAN communication, with the exception of Picanol air-jet looms.

How it works

The innovative optical sensor system ensures perfect control of the following functions:

Accurate measurement of the weft insertion length, with a “double check” sensor for both Z and/or S winding direction.

Real-time control of the yarn “take-off” point by the reserve sensor ensures the yarn flight time is as fast and consistent as possible.

Input yarn break sensor for the detection of yarn breaks on the bobbin side.


  • Stable reading of yarn signals in dirty and dusty environments
  • Reliable reading of very fine yarns, as fine as 7 den
  • IP 65 sealing protection for use in all weaving conditions
  • New “high-speed” stopper magnet design
  • For greater versatility, the updated user-friendly design allows fast and easy adjustment of the spool-body diameter
  • Industry 4.0 ready