Project Description



Tension master

TEM makes everyday life easier for the weaver as it automatically keeps the output yarn tension perfectly stable at a pre-set level. It automatically compensates for variations in tension associated with yarn package size change or between different yarn packages, and even tension variations caused by brush ring wear etc. TEM consists of three parts: a regulator and user interface, a tension meter and a controlled brake.

  • Increased fabric quality
  • Increased productivity
  • User friendliness
  • Lower yarn tension
  • Real yarn tension at any time
  • Easier setting of machine and brakes
  • Automatic compensation for variations
  • Analysis possibilities
  • Improved fabric quality
  • No tension safety margin required
  • Higher machine speed/ less stops/ weaker yarns
  • Adjustments while weaving possible, for example brushring adjustment

Spun yarns: Nm 9 – Nm 140
Filament yarns: 20 dtex – 3500 dtex
Output yarn tension: 10 – 200 cN
Control precision: +/- 3 cN between 10 and 50 cN +/- 5 cN between 5 cN and 200 cN

The system is developed to work on the IRO/ROJ X3 platform of feeders, on looms equipped with CAN BUS communication and pre-set for the TEM system.

TEM compensates for variations in the weaving process. Variations can be caused by: brushring normal wear and tear, brushring adjustment, yarn package size (full/empty), variations in the quality of the windings between different yarn package, etc.

Compensation for variantions in the weaving process

Setting possibilities: Visual tension feedback, optimal settings attained, faster setting time, replicate tension settings to other channels / looms, See the results of the settings you have made!

User interface example: Weaving cycle divided into zones, tension set by the user, zone angles set by the user.

Graphic presentation during weaving of: Average tension curve, average zone tension, set zone tension, maximum and minimum tension curve.

Graphic presentation after stop: Possible to display last picks.